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Latest Updates

  • STV2: Presentation 2017-

    STV2: Presentation 2017-

    A selection of presentation used by STV2.
  • Horror: Special Presentation 2013-

    Horror: Special Presentation 2013-

    A selection of special presentation used by Horror.
  • Outside Source: 2015-

    Outside Source: 2015-

    Outside Source is a news programme produced by the BBC that utilizes social media in the presentation of its stories. The programme is presented by Ros Atkins.
  • Voices of 4

    Voices of 4

    On 17th November 2016 Channel 4 launched its new diversity initiative, Voices of 4, which resulted in the broadcaster inviting people from all backgrounds across the UK who have a connection to the number four to appear on screen and introduce peak shows.
  • STV News Tonight: 2017

    STV News Tonight: 2017

    STV News Tonight launched on 24 April 2017 presented by Halla Mohieddeen, and airs weeknights at 19:00.