Here is a list of links relating to television presentation.

Television Channels

Presentation Websites

  • HTW – The Historical Television Website, mainly focusing on television presentation in the South of England.
  • TV Forum – Messageboard dedicated to the discussion of television presentation.
  • TV Ark – Website dedicated to television idents, news bulletins and adverts.
  • The Ident Gallery – A comprehensive range of idents, with videos.
  • Transdiffusion – An excellent archive of television presentation, with articles and features.
  • This Is Five – Website dedicated to the history of Channel 5, with images and videos.
  • Presentation Archive – Archiving current television presentation.
  • TVA – Images and videos from every digital channel broadcasting in the UK.
  • The Grampian Television Studios – Archive of images relating to the former ITV franchise.

Other Websites

  • Bother’s Bar – Website dedicated to the world of gameshows.
  • Buzzerblog – US website dedicated to the world of gameshows.
  • Late Show UK – Website dedicated to the latest news from the world of late night talk shows
  • Chris Philpot – A behind the scenes look at the world of television.