BBC One: 3rd June 1964

0940-1000: Modern Mathematics
Programme 9.

1002-1022: Modern Mathematics
Programme 10.

1045-1100: Watch with Mother: The Flowerpot Men

1105-1125: The Story of the U.S.A.
‘Wealth and World Power’.

1135-1155: Discovering Science
‘The Wallflower’.

1200-1220: Pure Mathematics
Year I: Programme 50.

1305: Heddiw
Topical items Introduced by Owen Edwards in Welsh. [Crystal Palace, Sutton Coldfield and Holme Moss Only].

1325: The News

1330-1345: Watch with Mother: Picture Book

1405: Science and Life
‘Science and Industry’. 5: ‘Making Steel’.

1425-1530: The Derby
Introduced by David Coleman. Commentators Peter O’Sullevan and Clive Graham. At 1525 the 1964 Derby Stakes.

1710: Tich
Introduced by Ray Alan.

1735: Animal Magic

1800: The News

1810: East at Six Ten
East Anglian News and topics. Followed by the Weather.

1835: Top of the Pops
Introduced by David Jacobs.

1900: Tonight
Introduced by Cliff Michelmore.

1935: The Third Man
Michael Rennie as Harry Lime, in ‘The Widow Who Wasn’t’.

2000: Derby Day Sportsview
Featuring the Derby, Professional Boxing, International Football from Brazil – Argentina v Portugal, Rugby Union from South Africa – Orange Free State v Wales. Introduced by Peter Dimmock.

2115: The News

2125: Z Cars

2215: Festival
Six characters in search of an author.

2340: News Extra
Followed by the Weather.

2350: Late Night Final
The Rev R T Brooks.

2355: Closedown