BBC One Scotland: 27th October 2000

With thanks to Cameron Inglis.

6.00am: Breakfast
A round-up of national and international commercial news, plus the latest from the money markets (888)

9.00am: Kilroy
Robert Kilroy-Silk coaxes another lively discussion from his studio audience (888) (Stereo) BBC News and Weather (888)

10.00am: City Hospital
Shauna Lowry, Suzi Perry, Nick Knowles and Edwina Silver share the trials and triumphs of life in Southam:pton General Hospital (888) (Stereo) BBC News and Weather (888)

11.00am: Bargain Hunt
Presenter David Dickinson asks team:s to scour Harrogate antiques fair and pick up bargains for less than £200 to sell for profit at auction a week later (888) (Stereo)

11.30am: House Invaders Swindon.
Linda Barker and her team: of handymen tackle three rooms in one day (888) (Stereo) BBC News and Weather (888)

12.00pm: Neighbours Revealed
Meet the stars in a behind the scenes look at the popular Australian soap (888) (Stereo)

12.30pm: Doctors
Dr Caroline Powers investigates the death of an infant in her first week as a police surgeon. The teenage mother appears to be devastated – but investigations uncover more about the case than first met the eye. Medical dram:a, starring Yvonne Brewster (888) (Stereo)

1.00pm: BBC News and Weather (888)

1.30pm: Regional News and Weather (888)

1.45pm: Neighbours
Drew is upset to find out that Libby only wants friendship, and Susan struggles to understand how her daughter feels, while Steph’s date with Daniel leaves her feeling lonely (888) (Stereo)

2.10pm: Snooker
Dougie Donnelly introduces quarter-final action from the Scottish Masters at Motherwell Civic Centre, where world cham:pion Mark William:s enters the fray (888) (Stereo)

3.15pm: Sam: Smalaidh
Tomas Anns Na Speuran (Tom is in the Sky). Adventures with the brave fire-fighter (Stereo)

3.25pm: Children’s BBC: Tweenies
A Story From India. The pals act out a Hindu Diwali story, with Fizz as the goddess Lakshmi and Bella playing an old washerwoman (888) (Stereo)

3.45pm: Pocket Dragon Adventures
Trap Happy. The dragons try to catch a burglar on the loose (888) (Stereo)

3.55pm: The Animal Magic Show
Fashion. Dominic and Billy Nibbles get stylish with a lam:bada-dancing tie and a comical fashion parade, with colourful birds capable of stealing any catwalk show (888) (Stereo)

4.10pm: The Wild Thornberrys
Polar Opposites. Eliza stands up for a friendly polar bear in trouble (888) (Stereo)

4.35pm: Linford’s Record Breakers
Jez Edwards visits the world’s largest man-made sand dune in Germany, Sally Gray discovers a collection of dog collars and pop group Steps talk about their record-breaking UK tour (888) (Stereo)

5.00pm: Newsround
Current affairs reports aimed at a younger audience (888) (Stereo)

5.10pm: Blue Peter
Westlife perform their new single in the studio, and Liz Barker throws herself into the latest sport craze – zorbing, where she’s strapped inside a giant plastic ball at the top of a hill and left to roll down (888) (Stereo)

5.35pm: Neighbours
Drew is upset to find out that Libby only wants friendship, and Susan struggles to understand how her daughter feels, while Steph’s date with Daniel leaves her feeling lonely (888) (Stereo)

6.00pm: BBC News (888)

6.30pm: Reporting Scotland (888) Weather

7.00pm: Weekend Watchdog With Anne Robinson
Investigations into the problems with the great Wembley sell-off and the celebrities who endorse one product, but use another (888) (Stereo)

7.30pm: Top of the Pops
Jam:ie Theakston presents performances by Steps, Samantha Mumba, Blur, S Club 7, David Gray, Damage and Limp Bizkit (888) (Stereo)

8.00pm: Ground Force The Lowdown – Northampton.
A Northampton drop-in centre is in need of a garden and performance space for fund-raising events, so Alan Titchmarsh, Charlie Dimmock and the green-fingered team: create their vision of a Globe Theatre for the Midlands, in the form of a scaffold stage, raised bed and water feature (888) (Stereo)

8.30pm: Animal Hospital
Rhodri Williams visits Secret World in Somerset, and helps the owner Pauline Kidner build an aviary to house two homeless macaws. Meanwhile, vet Adam: Jolly has the difficult job of coaxing a poorly python out of a duvet cover to administer treatment to rotting scales (888) (Stereo)

9.00pm: Have I Got News for You
Journalist Lauren Booth and author Andrew Rawnsley join in the fun on the satirical current affairs quiz, hosted by Angus Deayton with team captains Ian Hislop and Paul Merton (Stereo)

9.30pm: The Kirsty Wark Show
Reports on the burning issues of the week and analysis of the headline news. Plus, a chance for viewers to air their concerns and a sideways look at breaking stories

10.00pm: BBC News at Ten O’Clock; Regional News and Weather (888)

10.35pm: The Goalden Years 1992.
Jonathan Watson takes a look at Scottish popular culture from 1992, including music, news and football (Stereo)

11.05pm: Friday Sportscene
Preview of the weekend’s action. Presented by Rob Mclean and Chick Young.

11.35pm: Snooker
Dougie Donnelly introduces the concluding fram:es of the quarter-final of the Scottish Masters involving former world cham:pion John Higgins. Dennis Taylor and Ray Edmonds commentate Weather

12.40am: Poltergeist (Film)
1982 The home of an all-am:erican fam:ily is invaded by spooks who gain access through the TV set. Supernatural chiller, starring JoBeth William:s, Craig T Nelson and Heather O’Rourke. Produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by Tobe Hooper (888)

2.30am: Joins BBC News 24