BBC Two: 18th February 1985

0630: Open University

0720: Closedown

0900: Pages from Ceefax

0915: Daytime on Two
A mix of programmes for the school, college and the home. The schedule includes a Ceefax break between 1330 and 1338.

1500: Pages from Ceefax

1725: News Summary
With subtitles.

1730: Film: Imitation of Life

1930: A Change in the Weather
A look at the new look BBC weather presentation which from today uses computer graphics.

1950: Madhur Jaffrey’s Indian Cookery
[New Series]. A new series of the Indian cookery programme.

2015: Horizon

2100: The Bob Monkhouse Show

2150: Arena
Arts-based documentary.

2250: Newsnight

2335: Weatherview

2340: Tele-journal
A French language news bulletin.

0010: Closedown