Anglia: January 1st 1988

0600: TV-am
WAC Bank Holiday Special.

0925: Monte Carlo’s International Circus

1030: Film: Babes in the Wood

1230: ITN News

1235: Give Us a Clue

1300: The Queen and Commonwealth
The Queen talks about her memorable tours.

1400: Snooker
Tony Francis hosts the start of ITV’s coverage of the Mercantile Credit Classic, from Blackpool.

1600: Film: Superman II
Starring Christopher Reeve.

1810: ITN News

1815: Make a Date
With Anne and Nick to celebrate New Year’s Day.

1845: Film: Star Wars
Starring Harrison Ford.

2100: Clive James on TV

2200: ITN News

2215: The Ten Quid Tourists
A look at the largest voluntary migration in history when, in 1965, more than one million people emigrated to Australia for just ten pounds.

2315: Snooker

0030: Wanted Dead or Alive

0100: Night Network

0400-0600: Film: Charley Varrick