ATV: 31st December 1981

0940 – The Lost Islands

1005 – USSR Gymnastics

1100 – Sesame Street

1200 – Little Blue

1210 – Get Up and Go!

1230 – New Kind of Family

1300 – News

1320 – ATV News

1330 – The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone
Cartoon, inspired by the old horror monsters.

1420 – Film: First Men in the Moon

1615 – Bud ‘n’ Ches

1745 – ITN News at 5.45

1800 – Crossroads
Happy day for Mavis Hooper.

1830 – ATV Today

1900 – Give Us a Clue
Charades played by Lionel Blair, Una Stubbs, Mollie Sugden, Patricia Blake, Nanette Newman, Kenneth Williams, Gareth Hunt and Lonnie Donegan. The MC is Michael Aspel.

1930 – Carry On Laughing
Highlights from the Carry On films. A non-stop collection of bad and saucy jokes.

2000 – London Night Out
Frankie Vaughan tops the bill which also includes Stephanie Lawrence, Stu Francis, and jugglers Suzanne and Fudi. The MC is Tom O’Connor. There’s also dancing from the Geoff Richer Dancers.

2100 – Film: Desperate Voyage

2200 – News at Ten

2215 – Film: Desperate Voyage

2300 – This Is Your Life Special
Eamonn Andrews springs another nice surprise on someone.

2345 – The Hogmanay Show
From Scotland, of course. Fun and music, with Fulton Mackay, Aneka, the Gaelic singer, and Kenneth McKellar. Just in case the name Aneka doesn’t ring a bell, the singer used to be known as Mary Sandeman. Her name – and fortunes – changed with the song Japanese Boy.

0030 – Close
Mike Prince and Shaw Taylor sign off ATV for the very last time.