Central: 1st January 1982

0925 – Welcome to Central
An introduction to the new company.

0930 – A Handful of Songs

0940 – Once Upon a Time
‘Puss in Boots’.

0955 – Film: Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World
[1973]. Comedy about a gigantic pet. With Jim Dale, Spike Milligan and Angela Douglas.

1130 – Clapperboard

1215 – Razzmatazz
Spectacular pop music party with Shock and Bad Manners.

1245 – News

1250 – Film: Spartacus

1615 – Doug Henning’s World of Magic
The master is up to his clever tricks again. Including the Human Mousetrap and Things that Go Bump in the Night.

1715 – Bruce Forsyth’s Play Your Cards Right

1745 – ITN News at 5.45

1800 – Central News

1900 – Hart to Hart

2000 – The Talking Whale
How Gurdun, a killer whale, was taught to talk. Actually, it was more of a whistle.

2100 – The Gentle Touch
Police drama series. A woman police constable is stabbed during a fight between protesting students and a gang of skinheads, but the skinheads weren’t carrying knives. Who, then, administered the neer-fatal blow?

2200 – News

2215 – Wood and Walters
[New Series]. First in new series of comedies and songs, starring Victoria Wood and Julie Walters. All the sketches and songs are written by Miss Wood. The two women were first seen in a partnership on TV in the play Talent. Then came Nearly a Happy Ending.

2245 – The Making of ’81

0000 – Closedown