Tyne Tees: 25th December 1960

1030: Christmas Greetings

1040: Choir of Durham Cathedral

1100: Christmas Communion

From Liverpool Cathedral.

1215: Sunday Break

1300: The One O’Clock Christmas Party

1400: Home for a While

1500: The Queen

1510: Grand Christmas Circus
From Kelvin Hall, Glasgow.

1605: Ice Show
Sleeping Beauty from the Brighton Palladium.

1655: Pathfinders to Mars

1725: Seeing Is Disbelieving

1745: News

1755: Alice through the Looking Box

1925: News

1930: Christmas Star Parade

2000: Tommy Steele Show

2100: News

2105: Armchair Theatre
‘The Great Gold Bullion’ Robbery starring Sir Donald Wolfit and James Booth. By Malcom Hulke and Eric Paice from a play written by Gerald Sparrow.

2210: 77 Sunset Strip

2305: Roll Back the Carpet and Dance

2335: Christmas in the Holy Land

0000: Christmas Epilogue
By Monsignor Michael O’Sullivan, the Cathedral, Middlesbrough.