Cartoon Network: Friday, 26 June 1998

5.00am Omer and the Starchild.
5.30am The Fruitties.
6.00am Blinky Bill.
6.30am Thomas the Tank Engine.
6.45am The Magic Roundabout.
7.00am The New Scooby Doo Mysteries.
7.15am Taz-Mania.
7.30am Road Runner.
7.45am Dexter’s Laboratory.
8.00am Cow and Chicken.
8.15am Sylvester and Tweety.
8.30am Tom and Jerry Kids.
9.00am The Flintstones Kids.
9.30am Blinky Bill.
10.00am The Magic Roundabout.
10.15am Thomas the Tank Engine.
10.30am The Magic Roundabout.
10.45am Thomas the Tank Engine.
11.00am Top Cat.
11.30am Hong Kong Phooey.
12.00pm Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.
12.30pm Popeye.
1.00pm Droopy.
1.30pm Tom and Jerry.
2.00pm Yogi Bear.
2.30pm The Jetsons.
3.00pm Scooby and Scrappy Doo.
3.30pm Taz-Mania.
4.00pm Beetlejuice.
4.30pm Dexter’s Laboratory.
5.00pm Johnny Bravo.
5.30pm Cow and Chicken.
6.00pm Tom and Jerry.
6.15pm Sylvester and Tweety.
6.30pm The Flintstones.
7.00pm Batman.
7.30pm The Mask.
8.00pm Scooby Doo.
8.30pm Wacky Races.
9.00pm Close.