Granada Plus: Friday, June 26 1998

6.00am: The Box.
Music programme, featuring videos, chart toppers and viewers’ requests.

7.00am: E! Uncut.
Profile of soap queen, Joan Collins.

7.30am: Classic Coronation Street.

8.00am: Dempsey and Makepeace.

9.00am: Mission: Impossible.

10.00am: The Return of the Saint.

11.00am: Hawaii Five-O.

12.00pm: Classic Coronation Street.

12.30pm: Families.

1.00pm: The Cuckoo Waltz.
Chris is surprised when he sells the house for more than he had expected.

1.30pm: The Army Game.
Classic comedy about a gang of peacetime soldiers.

2.00pm: Mission: Impossible.
A scientist programmes a group of people to turn into murderers at the touch of a button.

3.00pm: Dempsey and Makepeace.
The main suspect in a spate of diamond robberies decides to deal with the detectives in person.

4.00pm: Hawaii Five-O.
The team are faced with the task of finding foreign agents responsible for the wounding of a government undercover agent.

5.00pm: The Return of the Saint.
Templar faces danger when he tries to rescue an ex-girlfriend from the clutches of a terrorist organisation.

6.00pm: Families.
Diana and Anton worry about Justine.

6.30pm: Classic Coronation Street.
Len gives Arnold an ultimatum.

7.00pm: Hawaii Five-O.
McGarrett pursues a Japanese mental patient.

8.00pm: Hawaii Five-O.
A radical student is found dead just as McGarrett obtains evidence to connect him with a Communist intelligence ring.

9.00pm: Hawaii Five-O.
A master burglar ignites a political inferno by reporting his thefts to the Five-O crew, defying McGarrett to produce sufficient evidence against him.

10.00pm: Hawaii Five-O.
McGarrett believes a man has been wrongly convicted of assault.

11.00pm: Granada Men and Motors.