Nickelodeon: Saturday, 4 July 1998

7.00am Tales from the Cryptkeeper.
7.30am Extreme Ghostbusters.
8.00am Rocko’s Modern Life.
8.30am Hey Arnold!
9.00am Rugrats.
10.00am Angry Beavers.
10.30am Doug.
11.00am Aaah! Real Monsters.
11.30am The Ren and Stimpy Show.
12.00pm Wishbone.
12.30pm Moesha.
1.00pm Sister Sister.
1.30pm Sister Sister.
2.00pm The Secret World of Alex Mack.
2.30pm Kenan and Kel.
3.00pm Clarissa Explains it All.
3.30pm Renford Rejects.
4.00pm Hey Arnold!
4.30pm Rugrats.
5.00pm Sister Sister.
5.30pm Kenan and Kel.
6.00pm Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
6.30pm The Journey of Allen Strange.
7.00pm Close.