BBC Six O’Clock News: 1984-1993

The Six O’Clock News launched on 3 September 1984, replacing early evening news magazine Sixty Minutes and was originally presented by Sue Lawley and Nicholas Witchell. Both presenters have since moved on to other positions within BBC News and the BBC itself. Jeremy Paxman, who went on to present Newsnight in 1989, was relief newsreader from 10 September.

In 1988, the Six O’Clock News studio was famously invaded during a live broadcast by a female group protesting against Britain’s Section 28 (a law against the promotion of homosexuality in schools). Nicholas Witchell famously grappled with the protesters and is said to have sat on one woman, provoking the memorable front-page headline in the Daily Mirror, “Beeb man sits on lesbian”.


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Titles and Opening Sequence

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