Sixty Minutes: 1983-1984

Sixty Minutes was a news and current affairs programme which ran each weekday at 5:40pm between 24 October 1983 to 27 July 1984 on BBC1. It replaced the BBC Evening news and Nationwide. The series also integrated the BBC regional news programmes into a single magazine programme.

By January 1984 the Sixty Minutes theme music was revised with a synthesised version, while the desk was replaced in favour of a sofa-driven look.

However, the BBC’s News department stoutly maintained its independence from colleagues in Current Affairs, and the first 15 minutes of news was almost a separate programme, followed by 20 minutes from BBC regional news before the final 25 minutes of national current affairs.

The programme was not well received and although its ratings eventually began to improve it broadcast its final edition on Friday 27 July 1984. Throughout August, BBC1 reverted to placing the early evening news at 5.40pm followed by the regional news magazines, before launching a new schedule on 3 September 1984 with the Six O’Clock News.


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Studio and Graphics

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