Scotland Today: 1984-1986

Following John Toye’s departure, a major overhaul of Scotland Today saw the programme relaunched as a feature-led magazine programme on Monday 8 October 1984. New co-presenters Sheena McDonald and Haig Gordon presented on sofas as opposed to desks, with the main regional news of the day confined to short bulletins before and after the programme, co-presented from Glasgow and Edinburgh. The critics were harsh about the new format – one such newspaper critic described it as The Goon Show – it’s Tom and Jerry time but there’s not much to laugh at, as the biggest collection of maniac since one flew over the cuckoo nest get together for a nightly jamboree in a well furnished padded cell which lossy qualify as a television programme. Despite the critics the ratings held up during the period of the sofas and pot plants.

Sheena McDonald said ” The programme was very pioneering when it started and was very ingenious, user friendly and accessible.
The programme had interviews with Politicians and Scottish people of the day, there were also sections about cake decorations, fashions and new technology.

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Scottish Headlines. 1984 – 1985

Scottish Today titles. 1984 – 1985

Scottish Today titles 1985 – 1986.
on the 31 August 1985, Scotland today titles were refreshed but the studio said the same.
Scottish news was revised to be incorporated into Scotland Today, thus the titles were used as the intro into the main news.

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Studio and presenters shots 1984 – 1986


News briefs. 1985-1986