Scotland Today: 1986-1989

The Independent Broadcasting Authority criticised the changes to the programme, and in July 1986, the station’s head of news David Scott announced Scotland Today would revert to a harder news format in the Autumn, promising in a newspaper: you won’t see pot plants, sofas or sculptures – these are nothing but distractions. The new look programme, launched on Monday 20 October 1986, saw Haig Gordon replaced by former reporter Malcolm Wilson, while feature elements were moved to a new lunchtime programme, Live at One Thirty, which began a fortnight earlier.

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Scottish Today titles: 1986 – 1987

Left: Jim White. Right: Fiona Ross Political corespondent

Scottish Today titles:1987-1989
In 1987 Sheena mcdonald and Malcolm Wilson left the programme, and wasreplaced by Shereen Nanjiani and Angus simpsons.