UTV Live Tonight: 2009-2012

UTV Live Tonight first broadcast on UTV on 27 April 2009. Following the ITV News at Ten, it is a half hour programme featuring news, analysis, politics and business in more depth than the equivalent 8 minute recaps in the rest of the UK. The extra length required in transmitting this news bulletin from Monday to Thursday means that the late evening schedule is either timeshifted from the rest of network, or alternative showings of daytime ITV1 programmes replaced in the earlier UTV schedules are shown. UTV and STV also broadcast an alternative the the quiz tv programme ‘The Zone’, called ‘Brain Box’ – which acts as an adjustable buffer ensuring UTV can realign with night time network ITV1 by around 2.30am.

The main presenter of UTV Live Tonight is Paul Clarke, with newsreading support from the other presenters on the UTV Live team – Gillian Porter, Pamela Ballantine, Rose Neill and Marc Mallett.

Titles and Opening Sequence

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News Round-Up

Into Break

Today at the Assembly / Stormont Studio

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Business Brief

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