BBC Alba: On BBC 1 & BBC 2 Scotland

BBC Alba started in October 1985 as a programming strand on BBC One Scotland, and later extended to cover BBC Two Scotland as well. Local programmes were originally comprised of childrens programmes, such as Dot-a-man, Pàdraig Post and Bzzz before expanding to current affairs and comedy.

In 1990, the Broadcasting Act established a Gaelic Television Fund, administered by a Gaelic Television Committee (Comataidh Telebhisein Gàidhlig). The committee were given a £9 million budget, which dramatically increased the number of programmes created for the BBC, Grampian and Scottish Televison. The BBC introduced a new 2 hour Thursday evening Gaelic block on BBC Two, including De a nis, Gaelic comedy and current affair; Eòrpa. In 2008 with the creation of the BBC Alba channel, nearly all programming was transferred, and the programming blocks were discontinued, certain programmes continue to be broadcast on BBC Two Scotland mainly Eòrpa.

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