BBC Choice: 1998-2001

BBC Choice was launched on 23 September 1998 as the BBC’s third general entertainment channel to compliment BBC1 and BBC2. The launch idents were based on a theme of “groups of three”. For the first few years of the stations existence, regional variations for the BBC Nations existed, although originally only between the hours of 10pm and Midnight. Each region retained the individual idents, with the addition of the region name below the BBC Choice logo.

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In July 2000, BBC Choice began to air programmes directly targeting the young adult audience, following an alteration to its remit. As a result, the original idents needed altering to match the new programming on the channel. The new idents built on the previous idea of the heart ident. The ident featured a single heart, usually the stone or fire heart, in the centre of a fluorescent background from which other hearts emanate. These include smaller hearts and an outlined heart ‘beamed’ out directly to the screen.

Hearts no1

Hearts no2