BBC One: Christmas 2009-2011

Coverage on this page includes presentation from network BBC One and the nations in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.


Christmas 2009 drew to a close David Tennant’s tenure as the lead role in hit BBC sci-fi show, Doctor Who. To mark the event, BBC One’s 2009 Christmas ident featured the Doctor himself. The ident sees Tennant’s character enjoying a stroll through a snowy forest only to discover his beloved TARDIS buried in the snow. The wiley Doctor notices a herd of reindeer standing nearby and quickly sets about regenerating the TARDIS into a Santa’s sleigh of his own. In keeping with recent tradition, the ident was first aired at 6.45pm on Saturday 12th December prior to Strictly Come Dancing.

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The 2010 Christmas ident launched at 6pm on 11 December.

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Consider Yourself… Idents
2011’s BBC One Christmas idents debuted prior to My Family on Saturday 10th December. Several disparate films introduced programmes this year, based around the channel stars featured in the Consider Yourself One of Us promotion.

Gruffalo Ident
A likeable, if a little incongruous, second ident based on the sequel to the Gruffalo CGI animated adventure.

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Accompanying the ident, a number of the channel’s most high profile stars took part in an Oliver Twist inspired sing-song. Fans of the sadly forgotten 1993 promotion rejoice.

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