BBC2: Presentation 2007-2009

A selection of presentation used by BBC2 from 2007 until 2009.

Trail Style
Initially, the BBC Two box was present throughout trails. This was altered around two months after the rebrand so that it faded in following the completion of the endboard’s animation.

A few trail endboards that strayed from the standard style, spot the glaring error!

Burn Up
Stings used to promote high-octane oil drama series, Burn Up.

2Dimensions Promotions
These strange and extravagant trailers were aired during Autumn 2008 to promote key BBC Two programmes. Shown below are the promos featuring Bruce Parry (of Tribe) and Valentine Warner (of What To Eat Now).

Once a staple of TV presentation, slides are now mainly restricted to appearances during Schools programming.

Programme Menus
Used to highlight an evening of programmes.


Next Pointers
Let’s have a look at what’s coming up next on Two…

Cross-Channel Menu
Promoting what’s on across the BBC.

Those infuriating credit-squeeze designs. Top introduced in July 2007, bottom introduced in November 2008.


And now the weather

On to June 2009…