BBC Weather: 2005-present

On 16 May 2005, the BBC introduced its current graphics program, which features a 3D map with coloured areas and shading replacing the traditionally used ‘cloud’ and ‘sun’ symbols.  The computer technology had been introduced in New Zealand, however UK viewers immediately disliked the removal of the familiar green and blue colouring in favour of a dull brown which made it rather difficult to see the above mentioned graphical features, and therefore the forecast accuracy was somewhat lost. Initially, the harsh ’tilting’ of the UK map meant that viewers wishing to understand the weather conditions in Scotland were presented with an disproportionately smaller-sized view. The speed of the ‘fly-through’ round the regions of the UK also caused viewer concerns.  In response to the thousands of complaints, within two weeks the aerial view of the UK was re-titled – removing the horizon to ensure a larger view of the northern half of the country, and the fly-through was slowed down to improving viewing comfort.  Isobars also later became re-introduced to increase detail for viewers interested in atmospheric pressure charts.

Weather Spheres

To introduce the presenter, the forecast begins with a rotating sphere of weather – summarising the general conditions ahead. Sometimes seasonal variations are used in place of weather conditions, and the backgrounds to these introductions were made more detailed and complementary at the end of 2006.

2006 onwards

Weather Graphics

Maps and Fly-Through
16-27 May 2005

28 May 2005 onwards

28 May 2005 onwards

28 May 2005 onwards
North to South

Usually a seasonal graphic is added to the astons on BBC Weather during the Christmas period, and also Remembrance week.

Graphics and Information

Usually, the four national capitals are featured to summarise the temperature outlook – which serve as limited use to the midlands and north of England – however a longer forecast can expect a larger and wider range of cities to be used.


City Outlook

Sporting Events




2006 onwards


Website Promos

BBC2 Forecasts


2009 onwards

Other Weather Presentation


Stargazing Live

Weatherview / Holiday Weather

A nightly opportunity to view weather conditions and notable events around the globe.


Maps and Graphics


2013 Refresh

On 18 March 2013, to coincide with the move of BBC News to New Broadcasting House (and its refreshed presentation), BBC Weather updated its graphics slightly – particularly to better complement use on the BBC News Channel