CBBC: 1997-2002

Children’s BBC was officially renamed CBBC on 4 October 1997, after several years of informally being referred to as such. The relaunch coincided with the launch of the balloons idents on BBC ONE, the introduction of new additions to the BBC TWO idents set, and the general rebranding of the BBC logo on all its other stations broadcasting at the time.  CBBC had recently moved into its new home of TC9, and the set received a makeover to reflect the change in branding.


With thanks to Benriggers and catbooks for many of the pics in this section.






Cat and Bird


Other idents from this era include:
Cat and Mouse, Lava Lamp, Man and his Dog, Magician, Mole, Spacecraft, Spiral and Tiger.
We are working hard to obtain copies.

2001 Presentation

On 10 September 2001 to Co-inside with CBBC become widescreen, the idents were remixed together to create montage-style titles, accompanied by new music.

Ident A


Studio and Presenter Shots


H.O.T. (Holidays on Two) Promo

CBBC Prom In The Park Promo

Closing Titles

Final Closing Titles
Featuring an invasion of the CBBC blobs for the relaunch on 11 February 2002.