GMTV: August 2009-September 2010

On 31 August 2009, GMTV saw the introduction of 3D graphics, graphic animations, through the use of a new system called VizRT, and a voice over announcer to introduce presenters at the top of the hour.

Opening Sequence


News Sting

News Headlines Shots

Studio and Presenter Shots


Split Screen

Other Graphics


Coming Up

Return from Break




GMTV Northern Ireland

GMTV Scotland

The End of GMTV

GMTV came to an end on Friday, 3rd September 2010. Despite much anticipation of a highlights package to celebrate the show’s 17 years, there was a rather low-key send off, featuring the presenters, production staff and guests McFly – who were the last act to perform live on the show. The show closed with a modern recreation of the original GMTV theme tune used at the show’s launch in 1993.