GMTV: April 1993 – 1995

On Monday 19 April 1993 GMTV was given a revamp, including a new set that mimicked that of its predecessor TV-am. Eamonn Holmes and Lorriane Kelly become the new weekday presenters. Penny Smith & Ross Kelly where relief presenters. Sally Meen become the new weather presenters while Penny Smith became the main newsreader, joining from Sky News.

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Main Titles: April – March 1994

Studio and graphics

Studio with original Clock April – May 1993
The revised clock was changed within a month to include the GMTV logo.

Presenters with revised Clock
May 1993 onwards

GMTV Newshour
Presented by Michael Wilson. From 1995 Penny Smith joined the programme.

April 1993

Studio: summer 1994 onwards
In the Summer of 1994 Lorriane Kelly went on Maternity leave. Anthea Turner joined GMTV to present along with Mr Motivator “Fun in the sun” summer holiday features, before being paired up with Eamonn Holmes to present the main programme shortly afterwards.


Break stings
April – August 1993 owwards

Break stings
September 1993 owwards

Sunday stings

News hour
Spring 1994 owwards


News titles

News Studio
Until early spring 1994

News Studio
From March/April 1994 onwards

News Graphics

Local News String