ITV: 1989-1998 Idents

ITV introduced its first official corporate logo and national on-air identity on 1st September 1989, using branding designed by English Markell Pockett and music by Lord David Dundas. However, Ulster, Anglia, TVS, Channel Television, TSW and Granada declined to use the generic idents that were designed for their regions, preferring to stay with their distinctive on-screen branding. A whole branding package was designed around this logo; in addition to the idents, there was also a clock, trailer style, font, break bumpers and various other elements. The ident was generally formed by beginning with the franchisee’s logo, then going into a sliding sequence featuring a dove, a couple in period dress, Big Ben, an athlete, a pair of dancers before an ITV logo is formed which featured an abstract form of that franchises logo in a triangle in the V of ITV.

Some regions took elements of the package, but not others, and these were slowly dropped over time with most regions reverting to their own looks. Scottish Television, Granada and Central did so almost immediately, with HTV adopting a brand new look on New Year’s Day 1993. Thames dropped it a few months after losing their franchise in 1991. The three newcomers to the ITV network in 1993, Carlton, Meridian and Westcountry all launched with their own brand images.

The regions to have the longest use of the generic ident were Yorkshire, who kept it on until October 1994, and Grampian who continued to use the 1989 generic ident right up until ITV’s new corporate logo was introduced in October 1998, although they were by then part of SMG. In addition, Tyne Tees, Border and Grampian continued to use an edited version of the 1989 ident’s music in their first idents after dropping the generic look, whereas LWT used a re-recorded version.

Mostly seen during night-time programming. Not normally shown during the day.

Never used on-air.

Used on-screen until Summer 1993.

Seen on-screen, although removed from use around 1993. Central had other versions of this ident, mashed up with their own idents.

Channel Television
Never used on-screen.

Ident used until 1998.

Never seen on-screen, although Granada had their own version of this ident that ended with the generic ITV logo.

Used on-screen until December 1992.

Used on-screen until 1992.


Scottish Television
Used on-screen until December 1989.

Thames Television
The first version of this ident was used until 1990, when the second version was introduced. The generic era ended in the region in 1991.

Never seen on-screen. TVS launched a new on-screen look shortly after this was proposed.

Never seen on-screen.

Tyne Tees
The original version lasted until 1991, and several other variants of this ident remained on-screen until 1993

Never used on-screen.

Yorkshire Television
The first version of the ident was used until 1991, and the second version remained on-screen until September 1994.

ITV National Weather

ITV National Weather
Launched in 1989