ITV1: 2001-2002

ITV rebranded as ITV1 on 11 August 2001.  Although idents used by the regional franchises were only modified slightly to accommodate this change, it again shifted branding across England and Wales more towards a uniform ‘ITV1’ identity.

Rebrand Promo



Generic / Overnight

Generic Formed-Up

Brits 2002
The Carlton-owned stations (Carlton London, Carlton Central, Carlton Westcountry and HTV) modified these idents by adding their logo above the ‘ITV1’.

Queen’s Golden Jubilee
Used across all Granada and Carlton owned stations.

Afternoon Ident
Used during the afternoon weekday junctions on ITV1 during the summer of 2002.

Regional Idents (selection)


Break Bumper – Fire

Break Bumper – Heart

Break Bumper – Splash

Break Bumper – Countdown to ‘The Premiership’ on ITV1

Break Bumper (Regional Variations)
The ex-UNM regions (HTV, Anglia and Meridian) continued with their modified break bumpers – which included dual-branding.

Regular Promos

Special Promos

Queen’s Golden Jubilee Promo

Programme Promos/Menu

Programme Change Menu
Programme changes following the Terrorist Attacks on the World Trade Centre.

Next Slide
These continued to be used as a presentational device in the Carlton-owned regions.

Overnight Service Next Slide

ITV Drama Frontcap

The use of the generic credits and End-Credit Promotion took off during this era of presentation on ITV1.

Endcaps (GMG selection)
Endcaps in the Granada-owned regions became standardised – a move which would in later years eventually move to e.g. “Granada Anglia”, and finally to simply to “ITV”.