During September 2005, ITV1 celebrated its 50th anniversary as the UK’s national independent television company.  However, this anniversary of course marked the creation only of local ITV in the London region on 22 September 1955 – other regions established a local service in the years following; Midlands in February 1956, North of England in May 1956, Central Scotland in August 1957, Wales and Western England in January 1958, Southern England in August 1958, North East England in January 1959,  Northern Ireland and Eastern England in October 1959, South West England in April 1961, Northern Scotland and the Scottish/English Borders in September 1961, and finally the Channel Islands in September 1962.

Special idents, promos and presentation were aired throughout September 2005.


Break Bumper


Promo Endboards


ITV1 Wales


Break Bumpers


ITV Regions