ITV1: 2002-2003

On 28 October 2002, a unified national identity came to the ITV regions in England, Wales and the Scottish Borders.  Many familiar voices in the twelve former regional areas disappeared in favour of a network announcing team from London. All programmes were preceded by a ident branded simply ‘ITV1’ – with the local identifier only being added to the ident before regional programming.  Idents featured popular ITV1 celebrities of the time, and promotional material was completely updated to complement the brand of blue and yellow.  The idents were accompanied by a distinctive jingle, which had several variations.

Launch Promo


News Ident 1 (Long)

News Ident 1 (Short)

News Ident 2

Clouds Ident

Celebrity Ident

Celebrity Ident
Martin Kemp

Celebrity Ident
Liz Dawn

Celebrity Ident
The Bill

Celebrity Ident
Mary Nightingale

Regional Idents (Selection)


Promo Style

Promo Endboards

Regional Promos

Daytime Promos

Programme Menu

Break Slides


Breakdown Slides

Drama/Movie Frontcap