ITV1: 2003-2004 Presentation

On 1 September 2003, the ITV1 celebrities ident set was updated to reflect changes to the faces appearing on ITV1. The new idents were very much like their predecessors, shot in a middle-blue and yellow studio. Idents were filmed in both London and Manchester. The logo would animate on as before, albeit slower than the previous ident set.

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Promo Endboards

Daytime Promo Endboards

ITV1 / ITV2 Promos

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New for 2004

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Daytime Menu

Break Static

Break Flash / Break Bumper
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Advertisers’ Promos
Carlton Sales continued to entice businesses to advertise with ITV1 until the merger in February 2004, whereupon ITV plc was created and the endboard details were amended.


ITV Movie Premieres Intro

ITV Nightscreen