ITV Idents: Winter 2013

On 15 November 2012, it was announced that as part of a major rebranding, ITV1 will be renamed back to its previous name, ITV. In addition to this, ITV will have a new colour-changing logo stylised as handwriting, that changes colour depending on the programming it is used on. The overhaul is linked to ITV’s attempt to cut costs, curb debts and reduce the company’s reliance on advertising. This overhaul of their brand affects all ITV channels and online services went ahead on Monday 14 January 2013. The idents appeared on 2nd January 2014 and again on 1st January 2015.

ITV said of their new look:

We think there’s magic to be found in the everyday and with the help of the Great British Public, we’ve captured this. Our new channel idents (those little films that tell you which channel you’re watching) star real people going about their daily lives, reflecting our habits, our hobbies, the things we all share.

Rescue Boat
The first ident to be shown as part of the new look.



Note: the ident is at the start of this video.

Ballet Girls
Note: The ident is at the end of this video.



Note: the ident is at the start of this video.

Night Cyclists

Bus Passengers


Lounge Dancing


Mums on the Run

Fish n Chips

Line Marker
Shown before football matches and programming

Marching Band

Surfboard Lessons

Fire Breather

Frosty Car


Street Cleaner

New Baby


Introduced 2015.

Introduced 2015.

Introduced 2015.