ITV Night Time: Thames/LWT

During 1991, Anglia, HTV and TVS discontinued their own overnight strands and began carrying a new ITV Night Time service from London, provided by Thames from Monday to Thursday and LWT from Friday to Sunday. For the first time, both London companies utilised the same on-screen branding throughout the week – the only notable difference being LWT’s near non-use of a continuity announcer at the weekend.

Around this time, original programming for the network included LWT’s Cue the Music, Dial Midnight, …in Profile, The Big E, Noisy Mothers, One to One, In Bed With Medinner, Night Shift and Thames’s Video Fashion., albeit airing in differing timeslots depending on each strand’s schedule. Imported output increased with featured shows including Night Heat, Soap, Three’s Company, The Time Tunnel, Too Close for Comfort, The Equalizer and American sporting programmes.

When each ITV area took this branding:

  • HTV (from 29 April 1991)
  • TVS & Channel (from August 1991)
  • Anglia (from 2 September 1991)

Following the loss of Thames’ franchise on 31 December 1992, Anglia and HTV began taking Granada’s Night Time, leaving LWT with its own overnight presentation (branded for a time as 3 Nights).

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For Coverage of presentation used during Christmas and New year can be viewed here.


Red Ident

Purple version

Purple version
No stereo logo

Break Bumpers

LWT sometimes also used these as idents.

Red break bumper,

, .

Purple Break bumper

Orange Break bumper

Blue Break bumper

Yellow Break bumper

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