Night Time: Granada 1988–1995

On 2 September 1988, four of the smaller ITV companies (Border, Grampian, Tyne Tees and TSW – joined from 3 October 1988 by Ulster) began 24 hour broadcasting with the introduction of Night Time, a part-networked service provided by Granada Television’s presentation department in Manchester and intended to help the smaller ITV stations who were unable to provide a service of their own.

This new late night line up consisted mainly of films, syndicated American shows such as America’s Top Ten (presented by Casey Kasem), American Gladiators, WCW Worldwide (which would later be promoted to a Saturday afternoon slot) and Donahue. There was also a limited number of home-produced programming such as Granada’s Nightbeat, The Other Side of Midnight, The Hitman and Her, Quiz Night, Stand Up and LWT’s Cue the Music.

Tyne Tees left the service from 5 October 1992, when it joined the Yorkshire overnight service, from Leeds.

From 1 January 1993 Anglia, HTV and Westcountry joined the service. From January 1995, The programme line up was the same as in London, but the branding was kept separate until June 1995 when services were fully merged and took on the same idents and branding as London.

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Main Ident

Sunset ident.

Short spinning idents: .

Sunrise ident.

This ident will appear shorty.

Still idents:.


1988 – 1990

1990 onwards


Slides .
1988 -1990

Slides .
1990 -1991

Slide .
1991 -1995

Break Slides


New year eve Ident
1989 – 1991.c


Christmas Ident
1993 – 1994

Christmas Slide
1993 – 1994