ITV1 Wales: 2002-2003

On 28 October 2002, after 34 years, HTV was no more — replaced by ‘ITV1 Wales’ branding at all times.  Transmission of live continuity remained from Cardiff for a short while, providing a localised service from 9.25am until around midnight — it was soon switched to being played out by the South Bank. All celebrity idents were rebranded with a ‘Wales’ identifier on them, as were all break bumpers and local promos. 

‘That’s Entertainment’ Promo

Generic/News Ident
Not introduced until February 2003

Break Bumper

Local Ident – Jonathan Hill and Lucy Cohen

Celebrity Idents (selection)

Brit Awards Ident
February 2003

‘I’m a Celebrity..’ Ident
April 2003

Local Promos

Advertisers’ Promo