ITV2: 2015-

ITV2 launched a new look on Wednesday, August 12th 2015. The new identity was designed by ManvsMachine.

Rather than delivering a pre-packaged set of idents, we worked with ITV Creative to develop an automated modular play-out system that assembles idents on the fly. Like a digital tombola, the system randomly sequences snippets from bespoke ITV2 branded ’scenes’. This results in over 300,000 ident iterations, or to put it another way, you would have to stay tuned-in for 36 years to enjoy every possible combination.

There are three different length for the idents; 10, 20 or 30 seconds long.


Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

In January 2016 five additional clips were added to the mix, to create a larger range of idents

Example 5

Example 6

Example 7

Example 8

Break Bumpers



Next Promotion

End Credit Promotion
Version 1

End Credit Promotion
Version 2

End Credit Promotion
Version 3

End Credit Promotion
Version 4


Cross channel Promotion Introduction




Family Guy

Family Guy

Family Guy