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Anglia Television (now known as ITV Anglia) is the ITV franchise holder for the East Anglia franchise region. Although Anglia Television takes its name from East Anglia, its transmission coverage extends beyond the generally accepted boundaries of that region. The station is based at Anglia House in Norwich, with regional news bureau in Ipswich, Cambridge, and Northampton. Anglia Television is owned and operated by ITV plc under the license name of ITV Broadcasting Limited.

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1959 – 1969
Anglia’s original ident was a short film of a rotating silver statue of a knight on horseback. At the end, the camera zoomed in on the pennon atop the knight’s lance, which showed the station’s name. An arrangement, by Malcolm Sargent, of Handel’s Water Music was played over the film. The ident was modified for colour transmissions, and the knight on horseback was a part of Anglia’s identity for almost 30 years.

With the introduction of colour television in the late 1960s, the ident was remade with constant lighting, and the knight constantly rotating on a turntable.

Start Up

1970s Short ident

Static ident

In-vision Continuity

Programme Promotion
Spring 1987

Programme Promotion
Summer 1987.

Programme Promotion
Summer 1987.

Programme Promotion
Late 1987.



Anglia unveiled a new look on 21st March 1988. The knight had been put to bed and in its place was a new heraldic flag logo designed by Robinson Lambie-Nairn, with a new music piece written by composer Nic Rowley. The new presentation cost the company £500,000. The main reason for the rebrand was that although the Knight worked well off screen, it didn’t work on screen, with the Anglia audience suggesting that the knight branding was old-fashioned.


Anglia were one of five regions who refused the 1989 generic ident introduced by ITV. They had a point to be fair. Why waste all that money on a rebrand just for it to be swept under the carpet? This is what viewers in the East of England never got to see on-screen…




New Drama for 1997 promo

New string

Trail endbroads: 1996-1999

Break Bumper 1988-1998

Break Bumper 1998-1999


1999 – 2001
It was second time lucky for Anglia from  8 November 1999 when they, along with the majority of the ITV network, adopted the new ITV hearts branding.

1999 – 2001

The ident was updated on 11 August 2001, to co-incide with ITV changing its name to ITV1. The logo was changed accordingly, with the live action sequences at the start of the idents being discarded.

Anglia was rebranded to ITV Anglia on 28 October 2002. A new national ITV1 brand came into use across England and Wales, the ‘Anglia’ identifier only appeared before regional non-news progrmaming.

The ITV1 idents were updated on On 1st September 2003 to coincide with the new Autumn season. The new idents feature celebrities on abstract shaped sets featuring ITV’s blue and yellow colours.



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