Carlton: Nightime

In January 1993, the new ITV franchise holder for London weekdays, Carlton introduced a new Nightime service, airing from Monday – Thursday night and simulcast by Meridian and Channel Television.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, LWT aired its own overnight service while Meridian & Channel broadcast its own version of Nightime, presented in-vision from Southampton by ex-Late Night Late presenter Graham Rogers. Both Carlton and Meridian/Channel services utilised the same on-screen branding and presentation throughout the week. Around this time, programming largely consisted of output airing on the other services as well as imports including French soap Riviera and in the case of Meridian, regional programming including Freescreen, an experimental series featuring viewers’ videos and social action features.

The ‘Nightime’ strand was dropped by Meridian/Channel in favour of its own Night time service from Southampton from 1 January 1995. Carlton dropped replaced the strand in mid February 1995 with LNN’s ITV Night Time service.

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Graham Rogers was brought back for invision duties for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights when the service come from Southampton