Channel Television: 1962-1999

Channel Television (also previously branded as CTV) is a British television station which has served as an Independent Television (ITV) contractor to the Channel Islands since 1962.

TV Live would like to extend its gratitude to ITV Channel Television for helping to clarify some of the dates of presentation featured on this page. Their help and support is gratefully appreciated.

1962 – 1976
The six hexagons that formed Channel Television’s first ident represent each of the six channel islands.

1976 – 1982
Colour came to Channel TV in 1976. The previous ident was retained but now shown in colour. This ident remained in use until 1982.

1982 – 1989
Channel Television retired the hexagon leopard logo in 1982, and replaced it with this new logo that would remain in use until 1999.

A special ident was commissioned to celebrate 25 years of broadcasting across the Islands.

1989 – Generic Ident
Channel Television decided not to use the ITV generic idents, so this ident was never shown on screen.

1989 – 1992
Computer graphics come into play with this rather swish looking ident.

Channel modified the ident a few years later with smoother animation and a much improved soundtrack.

In 1998, Channel adopted a different look to presentation. The CTV logo remained, both on end captions and as the company logo, however on screen Channel utilised the device of the word ‘Channel’ writing in a variety of fonts arranged in circles and moving, spinning and pulsating to a tune of a simple jingle.