HTV: 1969 – 1992

ITV Wales & West Ltd (formerly known as HTV) is the ITV contractor for Wales and the West of England. It is owned by ITV plc.

HTV (Harlech Television) was awarded its contract by the Independent Television Authority in 1967 , as it apparently felt that the incumbent TWW, corporately-based in London, was too distant from the area it served and that Harlech, jointly based in Bristol and Cardiff, would serve the area better. TWW were bitterly disappointed to lose the franchise and declined an opportunity created by the ITA to purchase shares in the winning company. Subsequently, TWW pulled out of its franchise five months early, selling the remaining air-time to Harlech which provided an unbranded emergency service prior to their formal launch.

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1968 – 1970

The first ident from HTV (or Harlech as it was known on-screen). This design would have been clearly seen to viewers of the service then, however viewers today would have encountered lots of black lines and a barely noticeable ‘Harlech’. This is due to the fact that the ident was designed for the “405 line television system” used at the time, and due to the use of the “625-line UHF system”, the ident appears differently on sets that receive the 625-line transmission.The ‘eye-strainer’ lasted for about 2 years until 1970.

1970 – 1987

A new logo and a new name was introduced in 1970.  Initially the station used the name Harlech Television (after the head of the company, “Lord Harlech”), but from the introduction of colour in 1970 this was dropped in favour of HTV, which was simpler and removed concerns that the name “Harlech” was only associated with the Welsh part of the dual region.  The logo remained in use for 22 years.

Other variations

Left: Welsh version from 1982-1988. Right: Menu

Here’s a lovely christmas version of the classic symbol.

In-vision continuity

Clock used from 1970-1988

1987 – 1989

1987 – 1989
HTV introduced its first computer-generated ident in September 1987

1989 – 1992

Like most other ITV franchisees, HTV adopted the ITV Generic idents on 1st September 1989. These are the endboards that were seen in the HTV region: “HTV West”, “HTV Cymru Wales” and “HTV”.


The Shorter Ident, with the text just zooming in from the left, accompanied by a short version of the Dundas music.

The clock that was used during this period

Promo Endboard


1991 Promos

1992 Promo

1992 Promo