HTV: 1999 – 2006

November 1999 – July 2001

Initially, HTV adopted the blue ITV Hearts on November 7th 1999, but following GMG’s purchase of UNM (owner of Anglia, Meridian and HTV) the HTV franchise was given to Carlton as GMG would have controlled more franchises than the ITC would allow.

Second version
With Thanks to Paul Clark for the images

July 2001 – October 2002

Carlton decided to keep the HTV brand alive (despite binning the Central and Westcountry names) and attached their opening animations to the current HTV Hearts endboards. These idents were introduced on Monday 2nd July 2001.

News Ident

Entertainment Ident

Factual Ident

Sombre Ident

Dramatic ident
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Generic ident 2
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Short ident
With Thanks to Paul Clark for the images

So Long…

As with every other regional name in England and Wales, the HTV brand got the chop in October 2002 when Carlton and GMG (who by now had gobbled up all 11 franchises between them) decided to introduce a single ITV1 brand across the country.

However, there was some good news for HTV Wales viewers. Whilst everyone in England had to put it up with national announcements from London, HTV Wales was allowed to keep its own continuity team and edited versions of the national ITV1 idents, branded ITV1 Wales, were used full time. Sadly, regional announcements were axed in January 2006 but idents still carry a ‘Wales’ identifier in the region.

Oddly, regional news bulletins remained branded as ‘HTV News’ up until the ITV News relaunch in 2004. Humorously, the endcap at the end of the bulletins read: HTV News, a Carlton Wales Production for ITV1 Wales.

ITV1 West

2002 – 2004
HTV West was rebranded to ITV West on 28 October 2002, and the ITV1 idents in use across England and Wales employed the ‘West’ identifier only before regional non-news progrmaming.

Local Scenery Idents 2003 – 2004
Introduced in November 2003, and shown before local programming until early 2004, scenery idents were used on the still Carlton-owned regions of ITV Central, ITV West, ITV Westcountry and ITV Wales.

2004 – 2006