LWT: 1996-1999

A few eyebrows were raised when LWT (now owned by Granada at this point) modified its famous logo on 30th August 1996 but no-one seemed to mind when they saw the station’s new ident. A triumph for CGI animation, individual pieces of the new LWT logo blast into the air before coming together to form the famous franchise name. Once again, the action was complimented perfectly by a superb, punchy soundtrack, which was created by “English and Pockett”.

With thanks to Benriggers, Neil Miles and tvajb for contributing images for this page.


F1 Ident

Football Ident

30 Years Ident
LWT turned 30 in July 1998, and so to celebrate, they commissioned this special ident. Sadly, it would be the last anniversary celebrated by LWT…


Break Bumper: 1996-1999

Additional Break Bumper from 1997

30 Years Break Bumper

Next Slides

Next bumper
used instead of a next slide.

Promos – Starting sting: 1996 – 1998

Promotional endbroads: 1996-1997

Promo 1997-1998

Promos 1998-1999

LWT Action
Note the LWT logo was never updated for LWT Action slides

Endcaps 1998-1999