LWT: 1999-2002

The delayed second wave of generic ITV idents were adopted by LWT on 8 November 1999 and were immediately derided by all, especially when they were compared to the excellent Carlton Heart idents of the time.

Fun Fair
One of 16 different ident films created

Daytime Variation

Evening Variation

2000-2002 Ident
The blue Hearts didn’t last for long. After intense lobbying from announcers and viewers GMG backed down and allowed LWT to use a much more appropriate ident for weekend broadcasting, the red and blue LWT Videowall. It launched on 24th March 2000, with a further update on 11th August 2001 to incorporate the ITV1 branding.

This is LWT…

By 2001, Carlton and Granada owned all of the franchises in England and Wales, and in 2002 took the decision to unify the playout and branding of all of the companies to ‘ITV1’ – with regional references used only with regional programming. LWT marked its final day on air with a series of tributes to LWT’s past, beginning with an authentic startup routine leading into the ITV Morning News.

All elements of the startup were recreated in Macromedia Flash and in the 16:9 aspect ratio. Later that day, a recreation of LWT’s famous River ident would lead into The South Bank Show, which would be the last programme broadcast under the LWT name. The show was followed by a final signoff featuring continuity announcers Glen Thompsett and Trish Bertram appearing ‘in-vision’ to toast the departing station, and a celebratory montage of LWT presentation across the years, assembled by senior ITV presentation producer Gareth Randall.