Scottish Night Time

Scottish Television started 24-hour transmission on 13 February 1988. Originally, the service was joint schedule with Central and Granada Television, but was abandoned within a few months. During this time, all three stations provided local presentation. To Start with a number of interludes were used along with music instead of advert, when the slots could be not filled.

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1988 – 1991

1988 interlude: February 1988.

1988 interlude: March -left, Later 1988 (right).

1988 Overnight invision.


1989-1991 ident..

In-vision: left: 1990 (Nicky Docherty), Right: 1991.

1991 – 1992

Invison continuity announcers were finally dropped in October 1991 when a revised look for overnight was introduced. The idents lasted until December 1992.

Long ident.

Clock ident.

Short ident.

1993 – 1996

A new look introduced on 1 January 1993

Glasgow Version

Edinburgh Version.

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Edinburgh and Glasgow version

1996 – 2000

This new look was introduced on 6 October 1996

2000 – 2003

Idents carried overnight on Scottish and Grampian carried no branding, and most nights the overnight service showed each other’s regional news programmes shortly before the ITV Morning News.

Night-Time – Chef

Night-Time – Waitress

Night-Time – Street

Night-Time – Moterway·