Scottish Television: 1985-1988

On 31 August 1985, the station revived the ‘Scottish Television’ branding and introduced a computer generated thistle ident designed by Martin Lambie Nairn, with the ident music being composed by Dave Cooke. A new start up signature tune was also created but was never used (possibly due to the advent of 24 hour television).  The ident was last used in December 1987 for continuity purposes but continued to be used as a front and end cap until Christmas 1988. The Clock also continued to be used until Christmas 1988.

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1987: 30th Birthday Ident .


Clocks 1985 until December 1988.
The Clock continued even after the 1985 ident was dropped as the main ident in December 1987.


During 1988 Scottish used a number of different idents for each part of the year.

January – March 1988.

April – June 1988.

Summer 1988.
The Thistle is made out of Sand

Unfortunately we don’t have copies of this ident, we are working hard to acquire it.  Do you have a copy? Get in touch

July – December 1988.
Here are two versions which were used, there were also  green, dark red and yellow versions created in this style.

Continuity announcers

Next Episode slides

Scottish Television were rather helpful, informing their viewers when the next episode of an Australian drama would be broadcast.