Television South: Late Night Late

TVS started its own Night time service called “Late Night Late” in September 1987, gradually extending its broadcast hours until a full 24-hour service began on 20 June 1988. The strand was the first to be simulcast on another ITV station (Channel Television). Presenters included Tim Barron, Laura Penn, Graham Rogers and Mark Walker.

The TVS logo is a registered trademark of Steve Woodgate, CEO of TVS Television.


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Studio and Presenters

Tim baron

Laura Penn

Prizes and Questions
No3 is Laura penn leg:

Late Night Late into TVAM.
This was used to bridge the gap between ITN Morning news and TVAM, on TVS and the Channel Television, with thats to TVBits.


Late Night Late (1989 – August 1991).

Around the same time as the updated branding was introduced, the studio was given a makeover.
Left: Graham Rogers, Right: Laura Penn