Yorkshire Television: 1999-2006

On 8 November 1999 all GMG and UNM ITV stations introduced the ‘Hearts’ idents, giving prominence to the local station name and logo, but incorporating a dual ITV branding underneath. At the same time Yorkshire Television also introduced a new set of 80 idents ( 2 variants each, so 40 main ident) used to introduce local programmes, featuring locations from around the region. The idents were last used on 27th October 2002.

Local idents: until 2002

Ident 1 – Lincoln Cathedral

Ident 2 – Bridlington

Ident 3 – Skegness

Ident 4 – Harrogate

Ident 5 – Scarborough

Many have often wondered why so many of the above Yorkshire idents were produced when they were only needed to introduce an ever decreasing amount of regional programmes. Here is the answer: by October 1998 the England and Wales ITV franchises were owned by 4 companies: Carlton Communications (London Weekday, Central, Westcountry), United News & Media (Anglia, Meridian, HTV), Granada Media Group (Granada, LWT, Tyne Tees, Yorkshire) and Border Television which had somehow managed to retain its independence. Almost 10 years after trying and failing to introduce a single identity across the ITV regions, it was decided a unified ITV look should be attempted again. After all, with fewer companies to please the process should be a piece of cake, right? Wrong! Following fall outs between GMG and Carlton and plenty of picking up balls and going home the October 1998 date for introducing a new generic look was missed. A new network symbol had been chosen (a heart shape) but the companies failed to agree on a design for the idents.

So in 1999, with a unified ITV looking increasingly unlikely, GMG set about creating new full time idents for their 3 northern franchises: Granada, Tyne Tees and Yorkshire. Unfortunately, mere weeks after completion, Carlton announced it was going solo and would be using its own set of Heart idents, designed by Lambie-Nairn. This gave GMG, UNM and Border the green light to launch their generic Hearts. The downside was the above YTV idents, which were far superior in terms of quality to the Heart idents, were relegated to regional use.

Network idents: until 2002

One of 16 created

Washing Line
One of 16 created

One of 16 created

Generic version

Yorkshire was rebranded to ITV Yorkshire on 28 October 2002, and the ITV1 celebrity idents in use across England and Wales employed the ‘Yorkshire’ identifier only before regional non-news progrmaming.