STV: Idents 2009-2014

In March 2009, STV announced it was to relaunch its TV and online services with fresh new looks. As part of the refresh, new idents and other presentational devices launched on STV on Monday 23 March 2009. The new logo, which features part of the saltire, was designed by brand agency Bruce Dunlopin conjunction with the Scottish broadcaster’s in-house creative team. The new look coincided with the announcement that STV is planning to opt-out of network programming more in a move designed to give greater prominence to Scottish programming. STV HD also launched on 6 June 2010.

David Brook, STV’s interim director of programmes and marketing, said: “We wanted to introduce a new look for the station that would not only reflect Scotland’s strong heritage but also its vibrant, contemporary culture. Our new look ties in perfectly with our strategy to opt out of the network schedule more often, and bring viewers more Scottish-produced programmes as well as series of wider appeal.”

STV’s director of broadcast services and regulatory affairs, Bobby Hain, added: “We’re taking greater control of our schedule and have plans to roll out some fantastic new programmes throughout 2009. Creating compelling content and connecting with our viewers is key for us and it’s important that, in such a competitive digital age, we keep our appearance fresh, contemporary and relevant.

Regular Idents

The first ident to be shown, Viewpoint followers a walker admiring a breathtaking view. Similar scenes are then viewed through a flipbook-style animation which reveals the STV logo.

A father and son race towards Stirling castle before the flipbook reveals some of Scotland’s greatest architectural achievements.

This one shows people enjoying a spot of wet weather. Naturally.

To emphasise that Scotland isn’t all scenery and rain this BBC1 Festival-esque ident features young people partying to the new STV soundtrack.


Social Life

Seasonal Idents

Winter: No1
Introduced January 2011

Winter: No2
Introduced January 2011

Introduced April 2011

Springtime No2
Introduced April 2011

July 2011

Introduced October 2011

Viewpoint – Remembrance Day version
Introduced November 2012