UTV: 1959-1993

UTV (formerly Ulster Television) is the ITV franchise for Northern Ireland.

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1959 – 1970
The first ident from Ulster Television. Used from launch in 1959 until 1970.

1970 – 1980
In 1970 UTV updated the ident to have the Yellow oscilloscope in TV shape on blue background,
This is the only version of this ident we have, we are working hard to acquire the other versions.  Do you have a copy? Get in touch


The infamous “Lollypop on a stick” ident. This ident was introduced 31st October 1980 to celebrate Ulster’s 21th anniversary. Although loathed by most, it’s still one of Ulster’s most popular idents.

On 7th September 1987, UTV launched a new ident specially for link into Ulster’s news programme “Six Tonight”, a year later in September 1988, it became the station main ident replacing the”lollypop”

Sports Results 1981
In use since 1976.



Clock Until 1984.C

Clock 1985.C – 1988


Ulster’s 3D effort launched early January 1989. A still version was sometimes used into “Six Tonight” and coming out of imported programmes/films

Autumn 1989

Summer and Autumn 1991

Summer 1992

In September 1989, most of the ITV Regions adopted the ITV Generic idents. However, Ulster refused to adopt it. Here is what the viewers didn’t get to see.


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