UTV Presentation: 2011-2012

Since 2 January 2011, a 3D rotating version of the familiar UTV logo is now used on its presentation, including different coloured versions which feature variations of the UTV colours of yellow, blue and red.

Break Bumpers

Break Bumper – Blue

Break Bumper – Red

Break Bumper – Yellow

Break Bumper – Blue/Yellow

Break Bumper – Blue/Red

Special Break Bumper – Rare Breed (2012)

Special Break Bumper – Titanic (2012)

Special Break Bumper – Britain’s Got Talent (2012)

Special Break Bumpers – Rare Breed / X Factor (2012)

Downton Abbey (2012)


Promos on UTV now feature endboards in a multitude of colours from the UTV palette, and the same programme promo may have several differently-coloured form-ups.

Promo – Blue

Promo – Blue/Red

Promo – Blue/Red/Yellow

Promo Endboards

Special Promo Endboard / Drama Promo Frontcap

X Factor 2012 Promo

Other Presentation

ECP (Vertical)

ECP (Horizontal)

U.TV – The Site to See

U.TV – The Site to See
X Factor/Galleries

UTV Player Promo 1

UTV Player Promo 2

UTV Player Promo (Programme Specific)

UTV Internet

UTV Drive



UTV Daytime

In-Vision Continuity

Farming Weather

UTV +1

UTV +1 Holding Captions
Station launched at 8pm, on 11 January 2011.