Challenge: 2002 – 2004

On 20 May 2002, Challenge adopted a new look, with all in-vision presenters being dropped, in favour of out-of-vision links, but viewers could still send in e-mails to announcers who would read them out and in addition to this, the closing credits of a programme were shown in full instead of cutting them out. One aspect of invision was kept for game central.

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2002- 2003

Ident 1

Ident 2
This idents used involved classic board games, card games, and arcade games like Asteroids and Space Invaders. This was not used between December 2002 and February 2003.

Games Central

Next and Promo Endbroad

2003 – 2004

On 30 June 2003, the “?” part of the channel name was dropped and all live announcers were also dropped, in favour of pre-recorded out-of-vision continuity links. The animated idents used in 2003 and 2004 included a man going through a long traffic jam in a big water ball by bouncing on top of the cars, and some women revolving a table to eat some cheesecake.

Ident 1

Ident 2

Ident 3